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‘Being a volunteer for Arise Church is more than completing a task. It is a privilege to be part of a passionate team that is dedicated to excellence. What an honour it is to be part of someone’s story by volunteering in my role, joining a team and seeing lives changed. We volunteer together and we see lives changed together’
– Volunteer Team Member –

‘At Arise Church we are passionate about God and people. We want everyone to live the life they were created to live and we believe that life is found when they find Jesus. So, because of that, everything we do is done to point people towards Him. We want everyone to know that they are valued, no matter where they come from, no matter who they are, that God loves them and we love them and we want them to find a place they can call ‘home’. We believe that place is called Arise Church. At the heart of Arise Church are our volunteers. Why not join the team and become part of the story?'
– Pastor Andy Aston –



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