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We are all deeply concerned by the recent and rapid escalation of tension and violence in the Middle East, beginning with the terror attacks in Israel and the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 


As AoG we consistently maintain a non-partisan and non-sectarian approach, guided by our commitment to the Kingdom of God's principles when providing humanitarian aid. Our Impact 25:40 mission is to extend our help with empathy and support, without passing judgment on civilian populations.


Currently, a pressing humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Gaza, with many vulnerable individuals caught in the midst of this conflict. We have the opportunity to collaborate with reputable and reliable partners to make a positive impact by offering medical assistance and essential supplies. We will closely monitor the situation and adapt our response to the evolving crisis in the region.


We extend an invitation to you to join us in actively responding to this crisis. Instead of merely observing the catastrophe on the news, we can contribute generously and offer our prayers.

Support for Middle East Relief Fund

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