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We believe that adult baptism is a vital part of choosing to follow Jesus. Not only is it a fulfilment of what Jesus himself asks us to do but it’s a great public demonstration that you have said yes to Jesus. Our baptism services are always full of fun, joy, laughter and tears. It’s the time we get to hear about what God has done in people’s lives and it’s never one to miss. For more information on when the next baptism service is keep an eye on the website and listen out for info during our church services.

Baby Dedication


At Arise Church children have and always will be a fundamental part of our church. We also believe that they are a fundamental part of the Kingdom of God. We want them to succeed in life, to grow up to be men and women of purpose and life. Therefore, we love it when we get chance to dedicate babies to God. Baby Dedication is different to Christening as it’s an informal ceremony but it is a way of the parents, and the church, committing to give a child the best chance at living the best life they can.



Interested in finding out more about Jesus, Christianity, The Bible, Church etc.? Then why not join our next Alpha Course? It’s a great way of getting to know some great people whilst also being in a safe space to bring your questions and thoughts to the table. Our Alpha Course happens over 6 weeks and it’s held at the Dudley Arms pub in Himley. A normal night starts with food and then there will be a short 20 minute talk on a specific subject like those listed above. There is then opportunity to break off into smaller groups where any questions can be discussed. It’s always an amazing 6 weeks and we would love to see you there! 


Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a charity we partner with to help people manage their money better so that money can do what it should do and work for people rather than people working for money. It’s a 3 session course spread over 3 weeks and it helps bring some much needed clarity to the tricky area of finance and also equips you with practical tools so that you know where your money is going and how much you are spending. If you want to get on top of your money then CAP is for you. We run CAP courses throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for more info on the dates of the next course.


We believe in marriage, we want married couples to succeed and we have a marriage team that are committed to seeing your marriage be all it can be. For those about to get married we run a pre-marriage course which helps couples prepare for life together. For married couples we also run Marriage Seminars throughout the year which seeks to enrich your marriage. It’s not marriage counselling, it’s marriage enhancement. This isn’t a course just for those who are struggling, even if your marriage is great we believe it can be even better. Why not join us for our next Marriage Seminar? 

For more information or to sign up to any of our courses please contact us at or speak to someone on the Info Desk before or after our Sunday services.

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