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So, here we are again...lockdown 3.0! I am a teacher and although schools are open to key worker and vulnerable children, this lockdown I am working from home facilitating 'remote learning'...and I have 4 of my own children added into the mix. Wonderful! Ha.

I am definitely not on my own, and along with most of the population, I have the daily stuggle of balancing a time consuming job, homeschooling and general parenting! These are genuinely tough times...and our days can sometimes be really hard juggling everything! Some days are easier and others...well, they just go from bad to worse...let's face it, this is life!

Growing up in a Christian home, I have been taught ' ...In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.' Thessalonians 5 v 18. Being thankful is one of the great foundations to build your life is the will of God. Although not everything will go to plan during the day, I will always try to find something to give thanks for. This makes you appreciate the little things. Even in the midst of chaos you can thrive when you recognise there is always something to give God thanks for. God alone is worthy of our thanks.

Sarah Baker

Age 39


Interesting Fact:

I am ambidextrous!

The things that fill my heart with gratitude are little things like cuddles with my kids, drinking tea and dunking biscuits, having a hot drink when I fancy one, spending time with the children, sitting in a warm house, laughing at funny things...the list goes on.

                                        Some days it is easy to see the positives...other days, if I'm being honest I can struggle to find something...but I always will and I will write it down. This is great to look back on to remind yourself of the goodness of God.

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Ultimately and everyday, I am thankful for Jesus. My children and I try to start the day with a devotion. During this time spent with Jesus, I will always ask them what they are thankful for to start the day off. One thing I am really grateful for is, that during this lockdown, I have the time to spend with them in the morning to do this.

Hopefully, as my parents did, I will instill a Godly attitude of gratitude into my children and this will stay with them when the storms come...and they will...they will be grateful people, giving thanks in all things and always being thankful for Jesus.

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